Covid-19 Initiative

At CIEX we believe that by supporting each other now we will all emerge from the pandemic with better business pipelines and viable businesses.
To this end we have decided to support our Corporate Finance, M&A professionals and their clients by waiving all CIEX fees for new and existing members. New members will be notified by us prior to any introduction of fees. In the event that you choose not to continue your membership it will be cancelled without fees or penalties of any kind.

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Below is a list of our normal commercial rates.

Membership Licence Fees
Description Rate € Timeframe
1st Publisher - Accountant 225 per month
Additional Publishers 150 per month
Certified Users FREE Always


Business Listings Fee Table
Class Net Assets Turnover Employees Fee
A <2.5M <5M <25 950
B <5M <10M <50 1300
C <7.5M <15M <100 1750
D <10M <20M <250 2150
E >10M >20M >250 3000

Listing fees will be calculated based on the range selected in each section. If 2 or more criteria are in the same class, the fee value is that class otherwise the middle class will apply.


Investment & Buy Mandate Listing Fee
Fee Class Investment Size Fee
Single Class ALL 950


Business Owners & Investors
Description Timeframe
Business Owners FREE Always
Investors FREE Always


Annual Membership Licence Fees
Description Timeframe
1st Publisher 2500 per annum
Additional Publishers 1800 per annum


* All rates are ex vat

Publisher = A verified accountant working within an accountancy firm, with full access publishing rights.
Certified User = An accountant within a registered firm with full access but without publishing rights.


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